Let’s Get On with the Day

Sitting here in daughter’s apartment, waiting for her to get up. She stayed up a good bit later than I did; with all the travel I wasn’t able to get my post-church nap yesterday and was really dragging by last night. We did get a snack last night – some yogurt from Red Mango in Rego Center, a short walk from her little place in LeFrak City. We managed to get in just before they closed, and ate it out at the open-air tables in the covered walkway just outside the shop. It was a perfect, beautiful evening to be out. Then we walked back to her place and shared some late-night delivery chicken while watching episodes of Archer on Netflix till I finally had to call it a night.

She needs to get some women’s chef pants and I told her I’d get her a pair. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the places that carry uniforms only sell men’s items. While she’s been sleeping, I’ve been looking around online and may have found a place – Bowery Kitchen located in the Chelsea Market Building, which we were planning to hit anyway. It looks like a neat place to wander around in regardless, but I’ll be disappointed if they don’t have what she needs. If they don’t, there are a few places further away and a couple of order-online opportunities, but I was surprised at how few options I could find. Sexism is alive and well, at least in the culinary world, apparently. OK, daughter, out of the rack. I didn’t come to town to sit here blogging. Tempis Fugit ‘n all that…

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