This is Montreat Conference Center, one of three national conference centers affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). It’s located in a beautiful setting near Asheville, North Carolina, and I’d heard about it for years but never had a chance to go there. People rave about it (see the humorous video in my last post), its great workshops and seminars, as well as its opportunities for spiritual renewal/retreat and general recreational activities. Well, through a series of really great and unexpected circumstances, I’ll be heading to Montreat in late August to take part in a week-long Interim Ministry training program. I’d wanted to take this training for some time, and the stars just aligned to make this possible. This additional education will make me eligible to seek Interim positions at congregations in between called pastorates. I’m sure that the information will be very helpful to me as a pastor in any setting, giving me a few more tools in the pastoral tool belt, whether it’s an installed or interim position. But yes, there’s no question that I’m also looking forward to the chance to get away from things and relax, renew, and refresh as one pastoral relationship draws to a close and a new one, somewhere, is about to begin.


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