In the beginning…

I suppose that’s a good title for my first blog post here. Not only is it truly the beginning, it’s also the translation of the actual title of the blog – en arche (“en arkay”). Those are the first words of the Bible (you know, the Genesis creation accounts; “In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth,” etc.) in the ancient Greek, Septuagint translation – the version the early Christian church read. In addition to that, they’re also the first words, not at all coincidentally, of the Gospel according to John in the New Testament. That bit of biblical-language nerdery should give you an idea of at least one aspect of who I am, and where this blog may often, but certainly not exclusively, go. For now though, let’s just say en arche is also a particularly appropriate name for this blog – which for a number of reasons that I’ll explain as time goes on, is part of a new beginning for me. So stay tuned.


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